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1250-1310 Greece, Billon Denier - Coin of the Crusades NGC XF Story Vault

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1250-1310 Greece, Billon Denier - Coin of the Crusades NGC XF Story Vault

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Why add this Greek Billon Denier circulated by the Knights of the Crusades to your collection?

The religious wars fought from 1096-1487 known as the Crusades were a series of intermittent conflicts battled between the Christians and Muslims to establish, or maintain, control over the Holy Lands, and in turn the significant religious sites located in the region. A variety of coinage was produced to pay the Crusading Knights, including this Billon Denier, struck in Greece, 1250-1310. The coin weighs approximately 0.8 grams, with a diameter ranging between 18-22 mm.

Imagery Representing the Crusades

The emblem associated with the Crusades is located on the obverse of the coin. The symbol is encircled by a legend defining the title and name of the issuer.

The reverse features a stylized castle with three towers, known as the castle tournois, surrounded by the name of the issuing region.

Graded Extremely Fine by NGC with Story Vault Package

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) graded this Billon Denier Coin of the Crusades struck in 1250-1310 Greece Extremely Fine (XF). Similar to a coin graded 40 on the Sheldon Scale, the coin exhibits complete details with a few of the highest design elements worn flat. The coin is sealed in an NGC protective holder with certification label, and presented in a Story Vault, which is a clear, double display case holding the coin and a story card explaining its historical significance.

This beautiful piece of Crusades history belongs in your collection! Purchase the beautifully presented coin from MCM today!

Year of Issue:1250-1310
Grading Service:NGC
Packaging:Story Vault
CATEGORIES: Medieval Coins, More