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1250-1310 Greece, Billon Denier - Coin of the Crusades NGC AU58 Story Vault

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1250-1310 Greece, Billon Denier - Coin of the Crusades NGC AU58 Story Vault

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Why purchase this Coin of the Crusades Billon Denier?

The four hundred year period of the Crusades was launched in 1096 by Pope Urban II, calling upon Knights of the regions of Western Europe to recapture the Holy Land from Muslim control. Coinage struck to fund the multiple military campaigns symbolically held the image of a cross, a symbol worn on the crusading Knights, which eventually became the emblem of the Crusades. This Billon Denier of the Crusades was stuck in Greece, 1250-1310.

Classic Symbolic Design Elements

The obverse depicts a cross pattee at the center, surrounded by a circular frame and the inscribed name of the issuer. The cross pattee is a common heraldic cross design found on many artifacts from the Medieval period of history, an emblem associated with the Crusaders.

Featured on the reverse is a stylized castle, adorned with three distinctive towers, bordered by an inscription naming the region of issue.

NGC About Uncirculated 58

This 1250-1310 Greek Billon Denier featuring the emblem of the Crusaders is graded About Uncirculated (AU) 58 by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). Encased in an NGC holder with certification label, this gently circulated coin is of overall average quality; exhibiting full detail with slight friction on the high points, and almost all of its original Mint luster. The coin is presented in a Story Vault case along with an information card containing a short history of the Crusades.

Don't miss the opportunity to add this piece of Crusades history to your collection! Purchase from MCM today!

Grading Service:NGC
Packaging:Story Vault

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