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Top 5 Coin Starter Pack Coin GEM BU

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Top 5 Coin Starter Pack Coin GEM BU

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Why Choose This GEM BU Top 5 Coin Starter Pack?

There are plenty of high quality bullion coins on the market today from a variety of Mints around the world. The standard for such silver bullion coins is a weight of 1 troy oz. and a fineness of .999. However, some silver bullion coins now boast even higher purity levels. The pack offered here includes 5 of the most popular silver bullion coins. You will receive 5 different coins, each one weighs 1 troy oz, except for the Silver Panda which weighs 30 grams or .9645 troy ounces.

5 Popular Designs

Since all 5 coins in this pack are different, the designs vary widely from coin to coin. Typically the obverse features a prominent national symbol of the country it came from. Coins from Commonwealth Nations usually depict Queen Elizabeth II.

Generally, the reverse of each coin features a more artistic design. These designs usually show something that is important to the nation the coin came from, such as Canada and the maple leaf.

GEM BU Condition

The coins in this Starter Pack have not been submitted to a third-party service for grading. These coins are in GEM Brilliant Uncirculated condition. This is the same condition they were in when they left the Mint.

Order today, this GEM BU Top 5 Starter Pack could be yours.

Year of Issue:2018
Grading Service:Uncertified
Grade:GEM BU
Finish:Mint State
Display Weight:1 oz
Weight in Grams:31.1035 g
Weight in Ounces:1 oz