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2006-W Burnished $10 Platinum Eagle PCGS MS70 Mint State 70

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2006-W Burnished $10 Platinum Eagle PCGS MS70 Mint State 70 is not currently available for purchase.

2006-W Burnished $10 Platinum Eagle PCGS MS70 Mint State 70
This coin is featured in "Top 50 Most Popular Modern Coins" and for good reason.

In 2006 the Mint Kicked off a new three coin short set called the “Foundations of American Democracy” celebrating the Legislative, Presidential and Judicial branches of the Federal Government. This short themed set proved to be made up of some of the rarest design and denomination based type coins in the last 100 years.

The 2006W $10 Legislative Platinum Eagle is the lowest mintage dime-sized type coin issued to the public since the $2.5 matte proof Indian Gold Eagle was produced from 1908 to 1915. Initial public interest in matte proof Indians was very poor and production was cut short when the country entered World War I. As a result of this early adversity small fractional Proof Indians trade at over $10,000 each now.

A century later a similar scenario appeared. Fractional mint state Platinum Eagles did not sell well and the planchet shortage that showed up in the midst of the 2008 economic crisis did not leave much capacity for optional programs that were not required by Congress. Thus was created this amazing mint state finish $10 short set over which the 2006W with the legislative muse reverse exercises dominance. Below is the complete four coin design based type listing that does not include the early reverse proof finish issues.

Mint State Finish Reverse Designs............Total Mintage
2004-2008 Eagle over the Sun-Matte Finish....70,027
2006-W Legislative Reverse-Burnished............3,544
2007-W Presidential Reverse-Burnished...........5,556
2008-W Judicial Reverse-Burnished.................3,706

As you can see the mintages on the Legislative and to a lesser degree the Presidential and Judicial Eagles are tiny to the point that they look like proof production runs out of the mid 1930s but unlike the older series the Mint State Platinum Eagles adhere to the Mints new “collector series” structure that have stable obverse designs and annually changing reverses. Those that appreciate this set structure represent a rapidly growing demographic that are accustomed to sky high mintages. 50 State Quarter, Territories Quarters, National Parks Quarters, Presidential Dollars, “Sac” Native American Dollars, Life of Lincoln Cents, Westward Journey Nickels and Platinum Eagles all enjoy this structure but the Platinum Eagles are the only one that offer real rarity. Young collectors in the late 1890s that could see the shift from just date to date and mint mark collecting coming and conformed to the new collecting structure early were very glad they did. If you feel that over time series with changing reverses are going to become important in the collecting interest of the younger generations as they age then these short mint state platinum type sets and the rare MS-70 issues in particular look mighty cheap.

Edge TypeDiameterFineness Weight Actual Platinum Weight (APW) Mintage
Reeded 16.5mm .9995 3.112 grams .10 oz 3,544